Monday, March 12, 2012

Egypt: Monsters on Display

Egypt's parliament has been busy proving Mubarak was right when he used the Islamists as a bargaining chip with the West during his rule. Mubarak in his 30-year rule terminated any chance of a viable secular opposition to ensure he retains the West’s support (i.e., either my rule or the Islamists). Over the past year, the military managed to successfully marginalize and paint the secular voices in the country as traitors and now the military is happily watching the Islamists-dominated parliament show how untrustworthy and radical they are. 

Just in two days, the parliament unanimously voted in support of expelling Israel's ambassador in Cairo, halting gas exports to Israel, the launch of a nuclear program and to make things clearer called upon the Egyptian government to review its relations and accords with the "enemy" (aka Israel). The parliament is now considering cutting off US aid because “the U.S. had no respect for Egypt’s sovereignty” and to add to the country’s instability voted to start the process of a no-confidence vote in the military-backed government for its role in the exit of the American defendants in the NGOs case.

The military, like Mubarak in the past, is now back, in the West’s eyes, as the only grown-up in the country. They are the protector of the peace treaty with Israel, uninterrupted access to the Suez Canal, safety of Christians, support against Iran and continuation of intelligence collaboration.

The Islamists were always the monster used by Mubarak and his regime to scare the West. In the past the monster was kept hidden in prison now it is displayed in the parliament for all to see. 

An Update:
Today the Jerusalem Post confirms my post above in an article titled "Egypt Uneasy in Dealings with Israel". Excerpt below:
The Supreme Council thus demonstrated its pragmatism and the fact that it is well aware of the importance of the relations with Israel – and with the United States. There were many in Israel who were afraid that no new Egyptian envoy would be appointed when the incumbent completed his tour of duty and that relations would be downgraded to the level of a charge d’affaires according to the often repeated wish of the Muslim Brothers and of others who want the peace treaty reopened.